Summertown Health Ltd.

Welcome to Summertown Health!

Summertown Health is a "virtual clinic" which partners with independent plastic surgeons and aesthetic clinics across the European Union. We offer a range of products and services, including the supply of aesthetic medical devices.

Buying breast implants through Summertown Health

Summertown Health has quickly become Europe's leading independent source of breast implants. We focus on premium implants from the two leading American brands, which we are able to supply to your clinic at favourable prices.

How do I buy from Summertown Health?

Simply contact us by telephone or e-mail, or send an order directly to us using our on-line order form. We can supply doctors, clinics and hospitals anywhere in the European Union. 

Can I trust Summertown Health?

We offer a unique triple guarantee fully covering you when you buy from Summertown Health: The authentic product at a competitive price delivered to you at the promised time. And we back this up with our unique, unconditional 100-day returns policy. 

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